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I didn't think the first one could be beat. I thought you had made the single greatest animation that was ever or could ever be made... But no. You did it. You shattered all possible caps on quality to create the masterpiece of masterpieces. No joke here, I think this is one of my favorite videos I've ever seen in my life.

Woooooah that loop is incredible! This is some really impressive work. Always loved your toons but this is really some next level stuff. Awesome job with everything, character animation and lip syncing is all on point, and the character designs are fun. I love this!

That was really damn good. I can definitely appreciate all of the effort that went in to the animation in this piece. The character rotating, the fbf lip syncing, the various angles, it's all done with such a lovely attention to detail, and turned out brilliantly. This was also very easy to keep watching, never felt bored for a minute. The one issue I think could use some improvement is just the audio quality, seems like a better microphone might do you some good. But even then, doesn't detract enough for me to drop this even half a star. Really impressive work, great job!

Mental-Autopsy responds:

Awesome to hear you liked it so much!

I promise to never sleep again. I made a serious mistake and watched this at age 13, I should have listened, but now I will never recover.

BoredKid2471 responds:

Hopefully you learned your lesson kid.

I love this so much. The animation style and the effects that are going on are exactly what I like to see. The writing is witty and enjoyable, though the subtitles may be a little bit on the fast side. I really love the character designs, and the world has definitely got my interest. I can't wait to see where you take this. Keep up the good work!

Woah. I clicked expecting a short little dumb joke kind of thing, but what I got was an absolute wild ride from start to finish. I loved every second of this. The ending genuinely made me jump from my seat and shout, I wouldn't have ever seen that coming. You did a really awesome job with this. Love the goofy art style, and the sound was pulled off brilliantly. Excellent work.

This is absolutely brilliant. That animation style is killer, really solid lip sync, interesting and well-drawn backgrounds, smooth as silk all around. Really done out did yourself with this one.

Brilliant stuff, really enjoyed this. I'd say this is definitely my kinda show.

Truly incredible. This has littlbox written all over it. I love this more than I love my own self. Excellent work.


At first I was thinking, "Hey this is pretty neat," but then it just kept building and building into some really beautiful stuff. Nice job, I really enjoyed that.

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