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It's probably kind of bad that I started with this one, but I'll definitely check out the others because I do think what you've got going here is very cool. It's nicely done over all, but I do have some notes for improvement. The biggest thing for me is while the song is cool and definitely fits the setting, I think it's production needs some serious work. I don't know if you are the one who made the song, but what stands out about it to me is the mixing and mastering of the track didn't receive enough attention. I don't know if you know what sidechaining is, or how to do it, but I think a big problem here lies within the sidechaining of the kick drum. It's either not sidechained to the bass, or it's sidechained too much and overpowers everything else. While it may have been a stylistic choice, and it does create a cool effect, it's too powerful, and that essentially muffles all of the other sounds in the track, which really diminishes it as a whole.

As far as the animation itself goes, one thing that I really love are the backgrounds, I think they are done very well, so good job on that. One thing I think could improve is the fluidity. Some parts, such as the gun shooting for example, are hard to follow because the animation is a bit clunky and jumpy. This could be fixed by using more keyframes at a higher FPS, or with more precise tweening.

I think your story is good, if not a bit generic. That's said without having scene the other parts though, so I might rescind that statement.

Over all, I like it quite a lot. I think you did very well. Keep up the good work, and I'd love to see more. I followed so I'll be expecting updates :) Good luck on future projects.

Scuinox responds:

I'm glad you like them. Thank you. I make the music for all of my videos as well as the animation and voices. I am aware of the mastering problem. Thing is that I have over 100 beats which a lot of them weren't mastered right because I lacked the expertise at the time they were made. Some of my tracks I did my best to compress them and put on finishing touches. So I could go back and attempt to fix the tracks but I guess I still have more to learn about mastering.

Really nice! The animation is very smooth and clean, and you did really well with turning, like when the second character turns to face the screen. What I think this needs more than anything else is some sound effects. The silence here is really deafening. I can so clearly in my mind hear what sounds should be playing, all you'd have to do is fill that in. Anyway, I think you did a really nice job. Good work :)

Very nice, I quite like the animation style, the style combined with the fact that your character is called "Goop" just made me think of my old series "Gorp". I really like it quite a lot, I think the areas that could use some start with it's length. I'd like to see something a little longer with a bit more content. What's happens after they meet, why is it significant, that kind of thing. I want to be more immersed in your world. One thing that could help there is the addition of some kind of back ground. If white background is a stylistic choice, you could keep it white and animate some subtle distortions for the simple purpose of creating movement to make the scene more interesting.
Another point, have you considered voice acting? While I like the way you created the subtitles to fit the theme, some voice acting might also pull this together as a project.
Anyway, I love the character design, and the animation style is intriguing. Good work :)

PrimeStone responds:

Well thanks for the comment! This was just something I decided to create because, after my final, I was just messing around with flash and drawing my character. This soon turned into a short little animation involving two of my characters from my story.

But thanks for the comment!

That was excellent, honestly. Love the jump cut style, the over-the-top illustrations of moments like at 1:06 really give this a lot of personality. Very well done. :)

halfcactus responds:

Thank you! Really awesome to hear that

Nicely done, the punchline was pretty funny, I liked it. :) Also the sound effects were well placed.

VikFigures responds:

:D Thanks

Really nice use of perspectives and sound effects here, good work

Gotta say, your lip-synching looks great! It's really well done. The montage was also nice. Good work! As far as recomendations go, I'd say the audio quality could use a little work, in some instances it is okay to use text to tell tell the story but it is always better to show it (I say this in relation to the house being "cushioned"), and finally I think your backgrounds could use some beautification.

TylerBasham responds:

Thanks! I'll keep that in mind! :)

Nicely done. I think your audio quality could use some work, but that definitely doesn't ruin it. I like the premise and writing!

Great piece! The voice acting was top tier.

Fantastic, I love the style. The use of sounds and visual effects was great!

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