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I got a solid laugh out of this, so I definitely appreciate it for that. The only reason I hesitate to vote any higher is that I feel like the actual quality of the animation could be stepped up a bit. I don't know if this specific aspect ratio was chosen for artistic reasons, but I think that even if that is the case it would be better in 16x9. The character design is pretty endearing and the animation looks nice and smooth. Really nice work over all, I enjoyed it.

Voted 4 for judgement :)

Solid. Not a whole lot going on in the animation department save for the (pretty good) lip syncs, otherwise I wouldn't be afraid to vote higher. Nice work, I enjoyed it :)

Catchy, hilarious, and featuring an outta-this-world-dab. If that's not a solid 5 then I don't know what is.

Easily one of the best things I have ever seen on Newgrounds. Truly excellent.

This is a really nice showreel, much respect for how consistently fluid your animations are. I also love that so many of them remind me of the games I used to play as a kid.

This is great, I love the classic side-scroller style mixed with the old fps style (like Contra meets Doom). It's really pretty, the pixel burst effects (from the light at the beginning, to the blue and green shots) are all super nice. Pretty interesting choice of music, I think the music could have been more intense for the more actiony scenes, but stylistically I think the music choice is pretty unique and I can respect that.
I like this a lot, nice work!

Really like the style here. The best part of this for me is all the interesting angle work. The only problems I see with it are some strangely low resolution parts (the spinny in the door and Green man's head at the end), and some layering issues (the part when CopMan opens the door to the room Green man is in). Overall it's great though, I really enjoyed it :)

Bril. I love this one, nice work.

ClayDay responds:

Thank you!

This is just beautiful, I really love those transitions you did with the white lines. Excellent job matching the animation to the rhythm. And the landscape/cityscape drawings are gorgeous. I really like this piece a lot! :) Good work

NigelNg responds:

Wow thank you so much!

Another fantastic piece, well done. The title is no misnomer, this animation is smooth as silk. Awesome camera work too. Great work :)

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