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0.5 stars for the actual animation.

4.5 stars for the Fantano joke.

Also this is a killer collaboration, y'all should do more work together.

I love... how stupid this. I was laughing before I even clicked on the video just from the title. Take my stars and get the hell out of here.

Holy shit. I'm honestly shocked to see this on NG and not on television, but I'm certainly not complaining. This is genuinely incredible, some of the best animation and humor I've seen in a while now. This is super impressive and I can't wait to see more!

Vudujin responds:

Thank you so much, GoodL! I wasn't sure what your guest line-up was on the new podcast, but if you have an open slot I'd be honored come on and promote this and future work.

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Toss games piss me off. They're just way too addictive and I don't know how I'm supposed to live a life when these damn games exist. Regardless, this is great and I could absolutely waste hours on it. As a small suggestion, I think there should be some kind of indication for how high up your fish is. I get that the background more or less serves this purpose but I still think it would be helpful for timing things like when you might use your gliders and such. Really nice game, lovely art, and the sound effects do it justice. Thanks for providing tutorials to help make this jam possible, I know that you helped me a ton and I'm sure you helped others too. I don't think I would have even tried to participate if it hadn't been for that.

PsychoGoldfish responds:

I suppose you're lucky that this was a jam game then. If I got everything I wanted in there you'd never be able to beat everything in a single day.

Definitely do plan on adding an altitude meter, and a bunch of altitude based goals to go along with it.

Really glad someone actually got some benefit out of my tutorials. I know there were some hurdles I hit starting out with Phaser, and glad I could help anyone else get over those.

Mostly, I 'm really just happy to see people doing more HTML5 games. We need to get the ol' games portal thriving again!

frick this game has one HECK of a celebrity line-up.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

whole crew in here

I haven't finished the game yet, but so far I'm really liking this. I find I need to grind a lot to level up to the point where I'm able to complete rooms and bosses, but somehow where I normally would have given up, this game keeps me pulled in. I gotta say, I REALLY like the boss fights. They're all unique and have easily discernible patterns but they are relentlessly difficult imo, which I personally really like. The art style is nice, and I like how I can really feel the progression as I get stronger. I don't love the fact that the enemies can move diagonally and the player can't in non-flight mode but that's not a major issue necessarily. This is a good game, nice work.

Notabla responds:

Thank you :) And I'm glad you feel that way about my little game. And, to be honest, I'm really satisfied with most of the bosses, too :P

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Not bad. 1:40 in is the best part, and I like the bit following that too. First and last sections kinda bored me but overall I am definitely liking what you're doing with your percussion. Also sampling good.

Excuse me, wtf? When did you get so good at this?

So, for the most part, I think this is gosh dang neat as hell. I was intrigued but not convinced for the first minute and a half of this, but when that drum beat kicked in you got an audible "Woah!" out of me and I started really grooving. Until maybe... a full minute or so of virtually the exact same drum beat. I appreciate what you were doing with the addition of new instruments but it didn't make up for the fact that the beat itself was getting very samey and nothing sufficiently substantial was changing.

So in short, this is absolutely the right direction but I want you to pay more attention to details and intricacies in order to get more variation and surprises.

I love you, please keep making music.

HOTSTUFFDX responds:

I get what you mean, looking back on it putting more effort into drum variation would have made it way better. Maybe even some more stuff with the bass as well could have been nice. Anyways, thanks for the review and I'll do my best to stich little surprises in my songs. Maybe a binaural beat that makes your ass sting for a week.

This is great. I sure love me some noise pop. The hectic nature that starts about 1:20 is fantastic and the bass makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I can't help but wish this was longer but I guess that means I should just listen to the album haha! Great stuff as always

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I love these. It's perfect for a sticker, simple but really neat. Good work!

This is awesome. I'm really into the bright colors and the vibe that creates.

Rennis5 responds:

Thank you. I love drawing weird creatures like this.

Who you calling snow flake?

Also do giveaways on NG not insta thank you

JFishburnArtworks responds:

Haha, heya, L.

The reason I'm doing a giveaway on insta is because that's my fastest growing audience so it's my main platform. I try directing my traffic to a single platform in attempts to one day herd those sheep towards a print store or patreon or something.

I'm a host of the Newgrounds Podcast and I occasionally find time for other things

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