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There are parts of this to which I would say "admirable effort!" Other parts, however, made it frankly very difficult to sit through. I did sit through them though, on account of the fact that I think there is potential here that just needs to be developed and properly utilized.

First up, get rid of the "channel intro" sequence. Just scrap the whole thing, and go straight into the video instead. It's the most run-of-the-mill, trashy YouTube-laden thing you could possibly do. And on top of that, it clashes with the actual video in a just miserable way. It's dull, it's annoying, and it's entirely unnecessary. You don't wanna be that person.

My next biggest complaint about this is that there are entire MINUTES of this video where not a single thing happens on screen and we (the audience) are left with nothing but the beat and a still-frame. I genuinely do not understand why you didn't take those opportunities to put more animation in! Add some cool stuff going on during those parts, maybe some animation of Cuphead fighting enemies, or maybe some well-drawn stills that break the monotony, or even just... anything! Anything at all would have been better than staring at those single, unmoving frames waiting for that part of the beat to end and the next verse to arrive.

After that, we need to address the Autotune... The absolutely horrendous Autotune. Look, I understand using heavy Autotune for stylistic purposes, and believe that it can but done to good effect, but in all honesty, this ain't it. It doesn't even sound like the Autotune is set to the same key that the song is in. It's just all over the place. If you want to use heavy autotune to achieve a certain sound, I say absolutely go for it, but you MUST do it right.
While we're on the note of the audio, the vocals are also very poorly mixed. I can't say for sure, but it seems to me like you just downloaded a song and recorded your vocals over it (and I suspect you did something similar with your "channel intro"). Which isn't necessarily a bad thing if you give credit and have permission to do it, but if you're going to do it, you still need to mix your vocals properly. They are way too loud in comparison to the instrumental.

Now I've listed my biggest complaints, I'll tell you why I say the attempt is admirable. For one thing, I don't think that this video was inherently ill-conceived. The lyrics are adequate and do a good job of conveying the Cuphead story-line in a way that I think suffices as an homage to the game (which I would say is a very good game and totally deserving of fan art such as animated music videos), but if you're going to do something like this again I really think you need to hold yourself to a higher caliber. You show a lot of promise here, it just seems like you've only put in the bare minimum amount of effort to make the video exist, instead of putting in the extra work to make the video good. I truly believe that you can make something better than this, and you really have the potential to make good animations, you just really need to self-criticize your work before deciding it's done, and ask yourself "what can I do to make this better before I upload it to a place like Newgrounds?"

I wish you good luck going forward, I hope you keep at it. I know you can make something awesome if you really apply yourself.

Daaaamn the first push had me laughing and this kept up the humor the whole way through. A lot of really unexpected twists in there that made for some excellent comedy. I love the whole Paul-being-sexually-attracted-to-icecream concept. My favorite joke was probably the rice making birds blow up bit. The animation itself had some nice high points to it, I thought the part where Paul punches the elephant was really well done. Some parts I think the animation could use some spicing-up too, like when Paul walks away from the ice cream stand, the walk cycle could be a little flashier. This was an awesome short, you did a really good job. Hope we see a lot more from ya before the year is out!

theBEARtrap responds:

Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it! I agree with the few touch up suggestions and yeah haha those birds are a riot. And I'll do my best to drop a few more before the year ends. Cheers bud!

I didn't think the first one could be beat. I thought you had made the single greatest animation that was ever or could ever be made... But no. You did it. You shattered all possible caps on quality to create the masterpiece of masterpieces. No joke here, I think this is one of my favorite videos I've ever seen in my life.

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This is pretty interesting conceptually. I was having fun watching stuff just get whackier and whackier. My biggest complaint here is just that the game part itself could stand to be a little more entertaining, or engaging. It kind of feels like the fun of this really just comes from the corruption gimmick, but if you could couple the hilarity of the bizarre effects of the "corrupted data" along with some really fun gameplay, I think this here would be a masterpiece.

StoneForged responds:

Thanks for the support but to be fair I do state it’s a bad game in the description.

Lovely lil homage. :)

Really enjoyed this! Fun, short, simple, I beat it on my 3rd try. The first run I didn't really understand what was going on, and I didn't really figure everything out until well into my second run, but by the third go I was getting pretty into it. The most annoying thing to me was that you automatically interact with the machines when you go over them, when I feel like I should have had to press a button to use the machines. Particularly the upgrade machine, I found myself often going up and over the machine just so I didn't have to move the mouse to close the upgrade window.
It felt good to beat it but I didn't feel as though I was particularly rewarded for doing so. An NG medal would have been nice for sure.
Anyway, overall it was a nice game. I liked the art style and enjoyed the time I spent playing. Good work all around!

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This was a really cool episode, Will. The Madness community is something I've never understood, but always been curious about. So it was cool to learn about where it came from and hear from some of the artists involved in pushing that community forward. It was also really interesting to hear you stumble across a NSFW artist to interview, and getting to hear that brain-picking going on organically was really neat.
Also if you really want dirt on me, just look at the old content I posted when I was younger. I, like you, was a kid growing up on the internet. My dirt lies in the absolute garbage I posted as a literal child lol.
Props to all the guests, definitely interesting interview all around, and I'm still really into these Roundtable episodes, so keep it up! Good luck getting to 100 fans, GP. :)

Really dig this format! Awesome discussion going on here. I was super into the discussion on pixel art, especially on the topic of what really counts as pixel art, and I strongly agree with the consensus you all had in that pixel art can be a lot of different things and no one form of pixel art is inherently more valid than any other.

Will, about your problem with finding NSFW artists to interview, have you considered asking them if they would be willing to use a voice changer? Or perhaps you could offer to change their voices in post. Just something to think about.

Great episode!

willKMR responds:

There's an idea... Like witness protection

Real nice track! The instrumentation is all stellar, and I especially loved when the percussion kicked in, made for a really nice moment. I think it was pretty neat how many different instrument sounds you managed to cycle through so pristinely. Good to hear some new music from ya :)

willKMR responds:

Thanks man!

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I thought this was really cool when you posted just the background, but the animation definitely kicks it up a few notches! Also I second Aseprite. I've used it a fair bit for pixel art and animation, and it's definitely much better equipped for doing stuff like this. Reasonably affordable too!

Kilcra responds:

Thank you! Yeah, I'll definitely look into that program for the next time I try something like this.

Lovely, as always! I'm consistently impressed by what you do with perspective. Keep it up!

VaguelyWonderful responds:

Thank so much! I'm so happy you enjoy my surreal Gifs :)

Really gorgeous, absolutely beautiful work. I love all of the intricacy in the line work, and the colors are perfect, not too bright and saturated, which really makes this a nice piece. Great job!

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