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I didn't think the first one could be beat. I thought you had made the single greatest animation that was ever or could ever be made... But no. You did it. You shattered all possible caps on quality to create the masterpiece of masterpieces. No joke here, I think this is one of my favorite videos I've ever seen in my life.

Woooooah that loop is incredible! This is some really impressive work. Always loved your toons but this is really some next level stuff. Awesome job with everything, character animation and lip syncing is all on point, and the character designs are fun. I love this!

That was really damn good. I can definitely appreciate all of the effort that went in to the animation in this piece. The character rotating, the fbf lip syncing, the various angles, it's all done with such a lovely attention to detail, and turned out brilliantly. This was also very easy to keep watching, never felt bored for a minute. The one issue I think could use some improvement is just the audio quality, seems like a better microphone might do you some good. But even then, doesn't detract enough for me to drop this even half a star. Really impressive work, great job!

Mental-Autopsy responds:

Awesome to hear you liked it so much!

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Lovely lil homage. :)

Really enjoyed this! Fun, short, simple, I beat it on my 3rd try. The first run I didn't really understand what was going on, and I didn't really figure everything out until well into my second run, but by the third go I was getting pretty into it. The most annoying thing to me was that you automatically interact with the machines when you go over them, when I feel like I should have had to press a button to use the machines. Particularly the upgrade machine, I found myself often going up and over the machine just so I didn't have to move the mouse to close the upgrade window.
It felt good to beat it but I didn't feel as though I was particularly rewarded for doing so. An NG medal would have been nice for sure.
Anyway, overall it was a nice game. I liked the art style and enjoyed the time I spent playing. Good work all around!

Another fantastic tiny game. I always enjoy these. The sound effects, simplistic art design, and smooth controls are all perfect and make for a neat little game. Great work as always :)

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Really dig this format! Awesome discussion going on here. I was super into the discussion on pixel art, especially on the topic of what really counts as pixel art, and I strongly agree with the consensus you all had in that pixel art can be a lot of different things and no one form of pixel art is inherently more valid than any other.

Will, about your problem with finding NSFW artists to interview, have you considered asking them if they would be willing to use a voice changer? Or perhaps you could offer to change their voices in post. Just something to think about.

Great episode!

willKMR responds:

There's an idea... Like witness protection

Real nice track! The instrumentation is all stellar, and I especially loved when the percussion kicked in, made for a really nice moment. I think it was pretty neat how many different instrument sounds you managed to cycle through so pristinely. Good to hear some new music from ya :)

willKMR responds:

Thanks man!

This was a great episode! RealFaction comes off as such a nice and relatable person. Really enjoyed listening to this interview, hearing about all of RF's various projects and also what really goes on inside the walls of the Pico Day parties. Thank you so much for the shoutout to A Couple of Crickets, that means a lot to me. Keep up the good work, Will!

GroundsPatrol responds:

Thanks! o/

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Oooooh ya really done went and did it.
Rahul Titan is a great character.
Makes ya think, makes ya drink.

Love the shading!

Damn this one is incredible! I want a big print of this on my wall so it can stare at me as I sleep.

Gorgeous, I'm loving all the fine details!

I internet.

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