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but the vocals are good actually??

phixelofficial responds:

thank u so much :)

Evil Xin be like:

This is excellent! Love the way all of the artists are showcased throughout, really neat conceptually and super fun to watch the timestamps while listening along to cheer each and every person on as they absolutely slay this track. Really well done all around! Nice job, y'all

I like that this is a really low-key deconstructed dubstep type of thing. Humorous use of the grubhub samples is good too. I'm not sure I'm totally on board with the mixing here though, for one thing I feel like the bass is really lacking in terms of harmonics. It's all SUPER low end, which makes it a bit weird to listen to with headphones, and I'm sure would be virtually inaudible through a cheap speaker (and ideally you want to be mixing so that it sounds good no matter what it's played on). I'd say start by give those bass synths some push in the mid ranges and maybe add some more instrumentation in the high end. Yeah, that's my take - good composition but the mixing needs work.

Tapestoppa responds:

It took a good while for me to get the bass to where you can hear it decently because I didn't want it to sound like an obnoxious wobbling buzzing sound and I didn't want it to sound too low like you said. Along with that im making this stuff on a low end laptop.

I'm movin. I'm groovin. I'm FEELIN it!

Love the groove. That melody is really infectious too. I want this to be in some kind of sidescroller game, Sonic or something.

Actually, the more I think about it, I'm imagining an endless scroller "Beat em up-esque" rhythm game where the player controls a super smooth cool character walking through a city street occupied with 80's baddie-style villains who try to attack the player, but you never actually fight back. Just glide by, doing slick dance moves, hands in pockets 90% of the time. Bweeboo, boodoopdoopboopdoop Bweeebooo.

Aaron-Long responds:

haha that sounds perfect!

This is a lovely track with a lovely message. Thanks for this, I really enjoyed it. Happy new year. :)

This is really neat! Nice work. I like the choice of sounds, everything meshes well. The choice to take out the percussion and isolate the lead synth at about 0:34 struck me as a little odd, but I think it worked out, although a little bit more build when the switch up comes at 1:30ish could be nice. I am really into that sound that starts at about 1:49, coupled with the snaps, it's straight up *chef's kiss*. I was thinking toward the end that I was going to say something about it feeling like it was all building to something that never arrived, but at 2:44 or so I totally changed my mind when the melody speeds up. It's a short, and subtle, climax after the build but I think it works wonders in the context of everything else here. Good job, I'm glad that despite everything you managed to get this finished :)

Why does this go so hard tho?

I'm sure somebody, somewhere, must know...


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