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why is this tagged "michael-jackson"?

There'll be no more pushing Joe around :/

Rest in peace, Daniel.

Lovely rendition you got here, littlbox.

I love this. Has a really nostalgic feel for me, like it reminds me of stuff I would have listened to in high school in a very nice way. Good stuff, keep it up!

This was a really cool episode, Will. The Madness community is something I've never understood, but always been curious about. So it was cool to learn about where it came from and hear from some of the artists involved in pushing that community forward. It was also really interesting to hear you stumble across a NSFW artist to interview, and getting to hear that brain-picking going on organically was really neat.
Also if you really want dirt on me, just look at the old content I posted when I was younger. I, like you, was a kid growing up on the internet. My dirt lies in the absolute garbage I posted as a literal child lol.
Props to all the guests, definitely interesting interview all around, and I'm still really into these Roundtable episodes, so keep it up! Good luck getting to 100 fans, GP. :)

Really dig this format! Awesome discussion going on here. I was super into the discussion on pixel art, especially on the topic of what really counts as pixel art, and I strongly agree with the consensus you all had in that pixel art can be a lot of different things and no one form of pixel art is inherently more valid than any other.

Will, about your problem with finding NSFW artists to interview, have you considered asking them if they would be willing to use a voice changer? Or perhaps you could offer to change their voices in post. Just something to think about.

Great episode!

willKMR responds:

There's an idea... Like witness protection

Real nice track! The instrumentation is all stellar, and I especially loved when the percussion kicked in, made for a really nice moment. I think it was pretty neat how many different instrument sounds you managed to cycle through so pristinely. Good to hear some new music from ya :)

willKMR responds:

Thanks man!

This was a great episode! RealFaction comes off as such a nice and relatable person. Really enjoyed listening to this interview, hearing about all of RF's various projects and also what really goes on inside the walls of the Pico Day parties. Thank you so much for the shoutout to A Couple of Crickets, that means a lot to me. Keep up the good work, Will!

GroundsPatrol responds:

Thanks! o/

I am become born

This one is my fave of the pack. Really nice little collection!

Great episode, awesome to hear some of PsychoGoldfish's thoughts on the recent controversial newspost and the future of NG.
I especially enjoyed the discussion about the "game-ification" of Newgrounds because that's basically how I've always thought about it. My level and rank are really important to me and are a huge part of what makes NG so fun for me.
Love all the thoughts about the future of the site as well. I'm a bit confused about the need for an arcade side site because in my mind NG is already like that, especially for games that use the API, but I'm sure I'd have fun with that all the same.
Great work Will, keep it up!

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