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Where can I get that green refreshment in a can?
Some day I aspire to become Rahul.

I love every bit of this. The sound effects are put to great use, the characters are wonderfully drawn in such a fun way, the voice acting all sounds good. I especially like the punchline here, it's a great "dad joke" kind of thing. Really fun stuff, I think the only thing I felt it was lacking was some more background work. Even if it's little stuff, you can even keep it in black and white, but for example, when the character pops out of the hole in the ground, that's all there is on screen. The hole, and the character. You could have drawn some little rocks or anything really to just further demonstrate, and elaborate on the setting a little. Otherwise, this is great work.

Rounded to 5 for judgement :)

The animations here are really well done, I especially love the angle work and the way you portrayed the speed of the whole thing. That said, it seems awfully short and I would have loved to see more. (Rounded to 5 stars for judgement, nice work!)

This is awesome. I really enjoyed the song, the animation style is super cool. I'd love to see the full movie, I'm really looking forward to it actually! Great work, good luck on the rest of the project!

KristoniteFilmWorks responds:

Thanks man! more content is on the way! keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for the follow by the way!

Oh - my - goodness. This is fantastic. I love the art style here, and the story is perfect. It's super funny, especially for how short it is. And one of my favourite things about this is how you matched the visuals up so well with the music. It reminds me a lot of old cartoons in that way.

Very well done, this is a great piece :)

emilyomily responds:

Thank you so much! Brightened my day haha xD

I really like this. The intro sets a good tone for the clip, the character is adorable (and the splash when it falls is a fun effect!), and my goodness those backgrounds, and the part with the character walking on the counter top is visually fascinating. Great job with the angle work and all that. I think the audio probably could have used a little more attention, even though the sound effects were fine I thought maybe a little background music or something to that effect could have gone a long way.
The story is conceptually pretty fun, although I think it could have been made bit more interesting with some more conflict or something to that nature. The only issue our little water-y friend encounters here is falling off of the table, which is very quickly worked around.
So overall, a little more work on the sound and story and I wouldn't hesitate to give something like this a full 5 stars. I think this piece is quite good for what it is, and I'm really hoping to see more from you going forward! Nice work :)

FabulousBean responds:

Thanks for the tips!

I love this art style, it's really fantastic, and the animation is so fluid, it's beautiful. This is really awesome work. -1/2 because eggs are bad tho.

(Rated 5 :) )

BuddypalBrigade responds:

If there were sausages instead would you reconsider? Just kiddin, thank you for the kind feedback! There's much more to come!

Not bad, fairly funny, I especially liked the sound effect and the way you drew the face when the character puts the sax to its face. I think over all, there were some pretty strange choices in the audio here, like why did the track get quieter for the speech and then get louder again? I feel like it would have better just to make the speech louder than the music. I also would have liked to see more going on here, I get the minimalistic approach, but some kind of background or something, anything really, could have helped here.

- 1/2 Star because Epic Sax Guy is an old meme.

+ 1/2 Star because Epic Sax Guy is a great meme.

xNinja202 responds:


Really nice work, I love it! The character design is fantastic, and you chose a really interesting topic for this piece. The audio work is well done too, great job!

Man, Rahul sure is one upstanding guy...

...just kidding, he just Sit n' Drinks.

Great content, as always. :)

PapaLegba responds:

Thanks the frame rate is wrong on here for some reason

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