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Nice, pretty fun little clip. Love the ending (except for the very last frame being white, why?!), the visuals are nice here, the little scrolling town is pretty well done. Good work!

This ended up going way beyond what I was expecting. The effects were very well done, particularly close to the beginning when the black dot explodes, then comes all together again. It looked great. The animation is well done from a technical stand point as well, it's smooth and easy to watch. I'm rating 3.5 (rounding to 4 for judgement) just because I think I would have liked to see some more. It's fairly short, and even though the effects are really good, there aren't a whole lot of them necessarily. Either way, it's a really good piece. Great job!

Beautiful animation, very smooth and the ending is a really great way to conclude. My only problem with this is piece is how abruptly it ends, but I understand that you had to do that because of the competition's time constraint. Great work overall!

W-Halford responds:

Thank you for the comment. I wish I could have given it a less abrupt ending but it had to be exactly a minute.

Sometimes I feel I live in the dreams of an evil pig.

Good work, i always enjoy these, glad to see you're still making them!

Scuinox responds:

Thanks man.

0/5 stars because the character missed the train, the train didn't even stop, wtf kind of subway is this

Just kidding, it looks pretty good. The hair waving is well done but could definitely be smoother if you included a few in-betweens in the part where it's waving the most (you go from fully concave to fully convex near the bottom of the hair on the left side with no in-between, so it looks a little choppy). Otherwise it's pretty good. I'm rating 3.5 just because there isn't a whole lot going on here to rate, but I think it's good for what it is. :)

KaiXtr responds:

Haha! Thanks for the Review, Man! =D

This is pretty damn incredible. The song is fantastic, I'm really into it, and you did a great job with the video. The effects are put to really good use, and the frequent transition of style is super well done. Great work!

My hero

I'll never forget this moment. The bad coffee will be with me forever.

Where were you when the Trotting Lads were escape?

I was in my living room eating bowl of Trot-O's when science call me

"Trotting Lads escape"


I tried to catch, got trotted.
I tried to scoop, got trotted.
To be honest. I ain't even mad.
There he goes, that little Trotting Lad.

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