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Been watching all of these as you've been posting them, don't think I've commented yet though. I think this one is the best so far, the water animation is damn near perfect, in my opinion. I mean, sure it's "rough" as far as the line work goes, but given that you only had an hour, I think the fluidity of it is fantastic. What really irks me about this though is how you chose to reveal the inside of the cup. It's only one frame between seeing the side of the cup to seeing inside the cup. I think it would have been way better to change the opacity of the front layer gradually instead of all at once. The only other thing is the end of the water stream looks kind of weird to me in how it's essentially a rectangle. I feel like it should be either rounded or pointed, not exactly sure which. Anyway, this one turned out really well, so good job!

Simrick responds:

I personally don't think that it came out very well but that could just be the fact that I spent the first 15 minutes working it out and undoing stuff but thanks for they encouragement.

If I were to do something like this again with more time I don't think I would of thought to do that opacity thing; but now that you say it\ it seems obvious so thanks for they tip!

Lastly I don't actually know why I had it in my head that water is that shape when it comes down? If I had of done almost any other shape it would of been better! even a hexagon may of been better :D

Thanks for they motivation and I hope you enjoy my newest one as well ;)

Absolutely incredible. One of my favourite things I have ever seen on Newgrounds, honestly. This is just so up my alley I don't even know where to begin, it's as if you made this just for me. I am entirely in love with the blending of styles here, the 2D, the 3D, the clay, the I-Don't-Even-Know-What, it all works so well and I'm incredibly impressed with how you pulled it off. Not to mention the sound design, which compliments it all so well. I was hooked right away, but when I saw the hallway scene I was just all in, such an interesting angle and approach to that part. And the angles! All through this thing! Just fantastic, truly. I loved every second of this, thank you so much for sharing it here.

CowAndFox responds:

Thank you so much, that really means a lot! Glad you enjoyed it! I cant wait to make more stuff like this soon.

Fantastic, as always. The amount of work you pumped into this is really apparent, it's very smooth, and as per the usual I always love the sound work you do. The colours are so nice in this one, and all the transformations are just visually stunning. Cool to see something new from you! Great job :)

TheBabbleBeast responds:

Thanks! ^_^ I'm always curious what people will think because you just never know haha. I'm glad you liked it overall and I'm glad I did it. =D

Just brilliant. I can't even begin to describe how much I relate (as much as I don't really want to admit that). The animation style is fantastic as ever, just really well done. The way the characters spoke in the dream was a great touch too. Excellent work all around!

natforatu responds:

Thanks so much, glad you liked it and really glad you can relate!

I love it. Thegamingtrickster said it was too short, but I really like how fast it all is, makes it feel more frantic, like a bad dream. My favourite part is probably the clown just because it's such a cool transition but I really like the Alice-in-Wonderland-y part afterward. Really cool work with the smears too. Nice job :)

WillSpencer responds:

In a big way I wanted more into it, but I also was going for fast and crazy. Thanks!

Rahul Titan is a (((sinful))) character.

PapaLegba responds:

Certified "great character"

I'll be honest - I feel like this could use a lot of work, BUT I must say I find it very endearing. It reminds me a lot of the kind of stuff I used to make way back in the day (albeit better than my old stuff), and I also feel like there is a TON of potential going on here.
I enjoyed the writing, for the most part. Some things felt like in-jokes that I didn't really get (like the lines at the beginning about importing from the colour universe), but other things I thought were very well done, like the twist ending about the arcade. I think this could use a few more one-liners here and there, plus some more subversions-of-expectation, like what you did with the twist.
The title card was a nice touch, but it has a long way to go as far as quality is concerned, in my opinion. It needs to be more interesting to look at, especially in terms of texture. If you want my recommendation, I'd say take a look at some of the title cards from the episodes of the old show Ed, Edd, and Eddy. They were absolutely brilliant, and I think it's the kind of thing you're trying to emulate here. Study them closely, but continue to imbue your own style, and I think you'll go far with it.
The art style is actually sort of nice, I like the not-so-smooth lines you're putting to use, but again, I think it needs some work. For one thing, the lip-syncing is lazy. I encourage you to look up some lip-syncing animation tutorials to try to get a feel for how you could take it from looking mediocre to looking really good (individual mouth shapes for each phoneme, things like that).
The character design is nice enough, I wouldn't change it too much personally, aside from making sure that you make the animations for them as smooth as possible.
I like the sprite work.
Last thing I take issue with here is the credits in your description. I'm assuming InkNimations is "Matt", although I could be wrong it may be "Scratch", regardless, the list "x by me, y by me, z by me" is superfluous and borderline annoying. It's been done a million times before, and at best it comes off as somewhat narcissistic. If you absolutely MUST list off all the things you did for the piece, do it in the form of "x, y, and z by me", otherwise, just use the Newgrounds credit system, like you did anyway.
Overall, I actually liked this. I think y'all did really well, and I encourage you to continue. Just make sure you put as much effort into it as possible to keep the quality as high as you can, and I think you can really go places with this. Good luck, much love, and I hope to see more from you in the future! :)

Rounded to 3 stars for judgement.

alexparr2006 responds:

Wow, that's a deep review.

For the writing, it was all Matt. (who is InkNimations, and Scratch is just the animation program I used.)

I never watched Ed, Edd and Eddy, but i'll try to do so. There's no Lip Syncing because it would take a LOT of work in order to make it sync.

Sorry if the x by me, y by me, etc, etc is annoying. I'll fix it next episode!

Wow is this me? I think this might be me.

littlbox responds:

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. No person or entity associated with this film received payment or anything of value, or entered into any agreement, in connection with the depiction of tobacco products. No animals were harmed in the making of this motion picture. Several pieces of sanity broke into a million tiny pieces that have to be put back together again when all you have is duct tape. So you take the duct tape and wrap it around your stringy head and press until it all caves in and you fall to the ground for the last time this week.

tl;dr Sure. Why not? :)

Didn't even notice this was you until I came down to review, but it definitely has your style! Really like the background in this one, the voice acting is great, and it's funny, so well done :)

littlbox responds:

Wow! Thanks, man. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

This is damn good. I love the style so much, not sure that I've ever seen a combo of live-action, stop motion, and 2D animation quite like this. Very well done, my favourite part is the hands scratching the characters head, but I'm also super into that spinning bow tie on the tv character. Fantastic stuff, excited to see more from ya :)

Alvaldr responds:

Thank you ever so much. I always believe that the most immersive art form would be a perfect blend of many, all into one majestic amalgamation of visual splendor! I try to differentiate every of my animations with every other for the sake of versatility! ^_^

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