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I love this so much. The animation style and the effects that are going on are exactly what I like to see. The writing is witty and enjoyable, though the subtitles may be a little bit on the fast side. I really love the character designs, and the world has definitely got my interest. I can't wait to see where you take this. Keep up the good work!

Woah. I clicked expecting a short little dumb joke kind of thing, but what I got was an absolute wild ride from start to finish. I loved every second of this. The ending genuinely made me jump from my seat and shout, I wouldn't have ever seen that coming. You did a really awesome job with this. Love the goofy art style, and the sound was pulled off brilliantly. Excellent work.

This is absolutely brilliant. That animation style is killer, really solid lip sync, interesting and well-drawn backgrounds, smooth as silk all around. Really done out did yourself with this one.

Brilliant stuff, really enjoyed this. I'd say this is definitely my kinda show.

Truly incredible. This has littlbox written all over it. I love this more than I love my own self. Excellent work.


At first I was thinking, "Hey this is pretty neat," but then it just kept building and building into some really beautiful stuff. Nice job, I really enjoyed that.

Damn. Very well done, really enjoyed the art style.

hunterztime responds:

Thank you bro, you are always there for support thank you.

This was really well done. The backgrounds were relatively simple, yet very effective. The little things like the water crashing on the rocks looked especially good. Pretty good job following through with animating a complete story. The biggest problem this piece has is the voices' audio quality. They are a bit too quiet, especially compared to the rest of the audio. Otherwise, good work!

KerbGunk responds:

Thank you! I found the dialogue the hardest bit to make a part of the scene, I agree for sure. That is where I hope to improve most in future. Thanks again for the kind words

Very well done. The comedy was all really good and all, but honestly, certain parts of the animation itself just shine and bring this piece above and beyond. That laser just looks amazing.
Nice work!

Whacky. Thanks for having us!

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