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This is a beautiful and heart-wrenching tale. The emotional rollercoaster that is Lip Heads continues to astonish and amaze with every twist and turn the series takes. The shocking twist ending and cliffhanger leaves us to wonder what will become of the lip heads now.
Rest in Pease, Mop Head.

These are really brilliant. I find your videos incredibly poetic, equally soothing and unnerving. It's some really one of a kind stuff you've got here, I hope that you'll continue to make them, and even elevate it and perfect the form.

Absolutely the most relatable thing I have ever seen in all my years.

God damn this is pure gold. Idk how I missed this when it came out but it's a real shame that I did. Love those smears when the character is shakin the 8-ball. Also interesting use of the dotted lines in the arms and on the ball. Great stuff!

Good stuff! Lots of really subtle humour going on here behind all the main jokes (the lighter exploding when being thrown on the ground, for instance, such a specific thing that could easily be missed if ya blinked!) which is awesome! If I were to offer some constructive criticism, I would say first that the pacing is a bit quick, particularly on the written parts. I heard somewhere once that you should always give enough time for the text to be read aloud three times, and that stuck with me. Another thing is that I wish you had done voice acting for this! I would have loved to hear Paul explaining all these steps as it went along. Anyway, I loved it, I think it turned out really great. Nice work :)

theBEARtrap responds:

Thanks a million yo! We'll thought out review and every piece of suggestion I agree on entirely. Definitely consider these next time we make a "how to vid" appreciate the critism more than anything! Cheers

Love it. The animation style is sweet, the joke is hilarious, and I especially like the way you did the voices. Cool stuff

natforatu responds:

thanks alot man, always appreciate the support.

I really like this a lot, but I have this overarching feeling that I have actually felt with a number of animations of Newgrounds recently, though this is the first time I've said it out in the open. Though I love this style, I really think you need to do more to separate yourself from pilotredsun. Sure, you added a factor not all-to-prevalent (although occasionally present) in prs videos, that element being harsh noise (something I personally am in favour of, but is not likely to win you many praises from all too many people). Over all, what I'll say is that this is going in a very good direction, it just really needs something more to make it exceptionally unique, and then I think you'll be able to form some masterpieces.
Good luck going forward, I hope to see more from ya!

This is absolutely brilliant. :) The joke is top notch, and the art style is on point. Really nice work!

This is fantastic. It's really a shocking amount like the "nightmares" I've had that stuck with me the most, in which people just repeat strange phrases and otherwise act unnatural. The animation is really superb here, and I love the use of the sound effects. Really good stuff.

I like the animation style a fair amount, and I definitely like the jokes that I *think* (I hope!) are original. But I really just can't stand the fact that you ripped off a bunch of asdf movie jokes. It's not inspiration when you steal the whole joke. The bomb joke for example: handing someone a bomb and then walking away, end of clip. That entire joke (not just the punchline as with the "look out he's got a gun!") is just a carbon copy of the same joke in asdf movie.
What I think you should do is make more stuff like this, but use ONLY original jokes (I know you can do it!), and also turn up the energy in your voice acting a few notches.
Good luck going forward, I hope to see more from ya!

Gordonzora responds:

Thank you very much for this review and your criticism! Yeah I gotta admit some of the jokes were kind of "the same" from asdf movie but most of them I can say were original. The only ones that were "taken" was just the bomb one,the door one, and the gun one. But yes I can definitely see what you mean by using other peoples jokes and stuff. But once again I can't thank you enough for this criticism and what you have said. This honestly makes me want to improve myself and my animations and basically anything in general. You are such an awesome guy for doing this most people would just not like it at all and say things like "it sucks" without any reason why it "sucks". But again thank you for taking your time writing this review and also thanks for having faith in me. You're the best! :D

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