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Ew its back

ninjamuffin99 responds:

dangit how do i delete this dang thing

Oddlem responds:


I've been really enjoying these, they're fun. You got that classic flash style with some real goofy humor and I'm about it. Keep it up!

Joekellman responds:

Thank you man! I’ve been havin a lot of fun with em, and it’s been a while since I’ve had an outlet for art/music/comedy. Appreciate the kind words and will keep makin more.

Daaaamn the first push had me laughing and this kept up the humor the whole way through. A lot of really unexpected twists in there that made for some excellent comedy. I love the whole Paul-being-sexually-attracted-to-icecream concept. My favorite joke was probably the rice making birds blow up bit. The animation itself had some nice high points to it, I thought the part where Paul punches the elephant was really well done. Some parts I think the animation could use some spicing-up too, like when Paul walks away from the ice cream stand, the walk cycle could be a little flashier. This was an awesome short, you did a really good job. Hope we see a lot more from ya before the year is out!

theBEARtrap responds:

Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it! I agree with the few touch up suggestions and yeah haha those birds are a riot. And I'll do my best to drop a few more before the year ends. Cheers bud!

That was really damn good. I can definitely appreciate all of the effort that went in to the animation in this piece. The character rotating, the fbf lip syncing, the various angles, it's all done with such a lovely attention to detail, and turned out brilliantly. This was also very easy to keep watching, never felt bored for a minute. The one issue I think could use some improvement is just the audio quality, seems like a better microphone might do you some good. But even then, doesn't detract enough for me to drop this even half a star. Really impressive work, great job!

Mental-Autopsy responds:

Awesome to hear you liked it so much!

I promise to never sleep again. I made a serious mistake and watched this at age 13, I should have listened, but now I will never recover.

BoredKid2471 responds:

Hopefully you learned your lesson kid.

Damn. Very well done, really enjoyed the art style.

hunterztime responds:

Thank you bro, you are always there for support thank you.

This was really well done. The backgrounds were relatively simple, yet very effective. The little things like the water crashing on the rocks looked especially good. Pretty good job following through with animating a complete story. The biggest problem this piece has is the voices' audio quality. They are a bit too quiet, especially compared to the rest of the audio. Otherwise, good work!

KerbGunk responds:

Thank you! I found the dialogue the hardest bit to make a part of the scene, I agree for sure. That is where I hope to improve most in future. Thanks again for the kind words

This is honestly perfect. All the jokes landed for me. Very well done in every way.

yoloswagstudios responds:

you're too kind, glad you liked it man!

Nice work, all the "experiments" turned out really well in this. I especially like the zooms, and the intro was fantastic. I do get the sense that I wish this was longer, but I'm not complaining either. Good job all around!

ToddCircle responds:

Great feedback, thanks :-)

Nice work! Your animation style is pretty fun. Respect for the Wilhelm Scream :)

Enophano responds:


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