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Love it! My favourite part is probably the first one with the Magic School Bus. I do think it probably should have come later in the short, but it is really well done. I like all the humour in this, I actually yelled out "No!" during the part with Pikachu lol :) I really enjoyed all the sound design and voice acting (although I do think your Shaggy could use some work haha). Nice character design (the prince's blue tongue was a nice touch), good animation all around.
Great work :)

toonjunkiez responds:

Thank you for your review. We will make sure that each of our VOs gets the same amount of attention next time!

Amazing, as always. :) The lighting and background really stand out to me in this one, they're simple, yet good quality, and set the stage for the animation perfects. The character animation is superb as always, but I really liked the hand and the voice-over in this. Very nicely done, love seeing your new stuff!

TheBabbleBeast responds:

I'm happy you think so! Thanks for giving me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. :3

Just brilliant, honestly. This is fantastically well done. I love the art style, the yelling is hilarious and the faces... oml the faces. Great work!

I love every second of this. The humour is great, the sound effects superb, and I can smell the neighbour-on-neighbour love from here.
Incredible stuff :)

HarrisonWyrick responds:

thank you neighbor! ;)

Now that's what I call good content.

Lookin forward to the last two humpdays! Thanks for the FDS shout-out, much love <3

B I G if boy.

Fantastic art style, as always! :)

This whole thing is amazing. Really fantastic work ya got here, front to back. Loved every minute of it. It started out really awesome, when Bob pulls the paintbrush out and smacks it around on the ground I got a good laugh. Then the ending almost made me tear up. Great job :)

The differences between this piece and that scene from the original Shrek film are very subtle. In fact, for some time while watching this I was certain that I was in fact watching that scene the original Shrek film, but nay, I was instead watching a fan animation based around that scene in the original Shrek film.

As always, the editing in this makes my blood feel good. It's exactly what it needs to be.
Really like the mixing of mediums.
Only complaint is Shrek's voice was pretty hard to understand throughout the whole thing, maybe some subtitles would have helped, and also offered potential for jokes.

Good work <3

HarrisonWyrick responds:

Love you Bubbo!!!!

So I loved every bit of the first episode. The art style is absolutely amazing, and the bizarre nature of all of it is exactly the kind of thing I love. Then, when you took me to Montreal in this episode, I was just in awe. If this wasn't already perfect for me, it ended up somewhere I used to live. The cross on mont royal, the olympic stadium, the museum of fine arts, all places I've personally been to and have a real connection with. Never had that happen in anything I've watched before. This is some really awesome stuff, I can't wait to see where this is going. Please keep up the great work, and good luck!

u-m-a-m-i responds:

Cheers man, happy you liked it. :)

Hot dang, playing all the hits! Add a beer buddy and a lad and this coulda been the biggest crossover event since GGM Drift. I'd say "fantastic as ever" but those rapid fire one-liners in this one really raise the bar. Excellent work

PapaLegba responds:

Hell yea thanks brother

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