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I love your videos, thanks for posting 'em here on NG! Keep up the good work!

I don't love milk but I do love this video. The milk competition is amazing, really nice work.

I normally brace myself for a 0 when I click on something with "[Old and dum]" in the title, but for once I was pleasantly surprised. I don't think you should sell yourself so short. I mean, I understand that this is old and you've probably improved significantly since 2011, but this was actually pretty well done. The voices sound good, the character designs are interesting, all the animation is pretty good, and you used some classic cartoon tropes (which is always a plus for me). Overall I'd say this was a good animation.

This is honestly perfect. All the jokes landed for me. Very well done in every way.

yoloswagstudios responds:

you're too kind, glad you liked it man!

Nice work, all the "experiments" turned out really well in this. I especially like the zooms, and the intro was fantastic. I do get the sense that I wish this was longer, but I'm not complaining either. Good job all around!

ToddCircle responds:

Great feedback, thanks :-)

Nice work! Your animation style is pretty fun. Respect for the Wilhelm Scream :)

Enophano responds:


Woah that was incredible. You did a really good job with this. I saw The Forest and thought it was really well done, so I followed. But this really hooked me in. This is totally my kind of thing, and exactly what I love to see on NG. Excellent work on both the visual and audio portions. Just overall, I have nothing but good things to say. :)

The character animation is nice and smooth, and I also really enjoy the designs. My favourite part of this is easily the backgrounds though, you did a very good job with the sets. The props aren't anything too special (the bottle and glass for example), but they work just fine so no complaints there! My only real issue with this is that the story progresses very quickly so I had a hard time understanding what exactly was going on during my first watch. Anyway, this is a good piece overall, nice work :)

saucelessboy responds:

Thank you for the feedback! Some corners were cut due to a 2 week deadline, and I have to admit that I was a little shy with the holds due to not having enough frames. A lot was learned from this project, and I'll be sure to apply this info to future works!

Incredible stuff, as always. Your art style never ceases to amaze me :) Keep up the good work, you're the kind of artist that keeps me coming back to NG. Much love!

BoredKid2471 responds:

Thank you it really means a lot. All but the best man.

Genuine perfection from beginning to end. I LOVE the backgrounds, and the little jokes in the beginning as he's looking through the windows, and that Grinch smile was spot on. The joke where Rob is tasting the cookies and guessing Paul stole them is well delivered, and on that note, all of the jokes have excellent timing. In particular, the G-Rated Naughty Tracker. That's god damn hilarious. You've really outdone yourself with this one, my dude. Congrats on making a masterpiece.
If I have one complaint, it's that the ending shouldn't have been the damn ending. I wanted more! Like the ending was good and hilarious, I just wish it was longer! (Don't get me wrong though, I know how much work you put into this, it's not like making it a whole lot longer was gonna be a super realistic goal).
Fantastic work.

theBEARtrap responds:

Wow thank you for the detailed review. I agree with the ending. I will consider some.extra footage for any future shorts. The bear trap does have lots of plans for the future! Thank you so much cheers!

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