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Really happy to see this, I was looking forward to it! Congrats on the daily 3rd, you're really killin' it on NG right now :) I've been wanting to ask, I notice that a lot (all?) of these that you've been uploading have been from several years ago, have you been making much recently? I really enjoy your work and if there's newer stuff that I've been missing I'd like to know because I'm curious to see what you're up to these days. Anyway, keep it up, and great job!

TheBabbleBeast responds:

Hey, thank you! :D Since I'm new to Newgrounds, I wanted to see what kind of response I'd get first with my old work... and it's been very positive! That really helps since I haven't made any new animations for several years. It is my intention to start again. Thanks, I really appreciate your interest!

Super cool, but it's way too gosh darn short. I'd love to see some more work like this, really dig the style.

MrSeaks responds:

Thanks man, it was for a uni assignment, 10 seconds was max length

I love this! What you did with the environment for the character here is really cool, and the animations are so fluid. I wish I knew how you managed to get the clay so smooth, whenever I try to do anything with clay it always ends up covered in finger prints. Really nice animation, great work :)

TheBabbleBeast responds:

Thank you! :D I really enjoyed making this. To help keep the clay smooth, I used the replacement method. I'll put up a behind-the-scenes later on to show some of my process. Thanks for your interest!

This is excellent! I love it, the animation in this one looks so good. Nice work :)

This is excellent. Love the humour and the art style. Instant classic.

This is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life :(
R.I.P Rahul, I'll never forget you.

Oh my lord, this is fantastic. I find the art style so endearing, I love that effect with the mouths, and the joke caught me off guard and gave me a good laugh. Great work :)

This is really nice! There's so much depth to it, and I find it really beautiful in that way. The combination of the dreamy surreal moments and the more somber "down to earth" parts (so to speak) is intriguing, and I think it supports that premise well. Excellent work :)

This is great, I love the art style, and it's all animated so nicely. All the jokes were on point, I got a few good laughs out of this. Well done.

Great, as always. The character animations are fantastic, the backgrounds look great, the voice acting is brilliant, and the comedy is on point. Nice work! :)

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