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Ew its back

Oddlem responds:


I honestly love this. Had a few good laughs in there, and the part where you transitioned into 3D had me gigglin but also really impressed. Not going to lie, I think you have a ton of potential to make some really unique and funny stuff and I really hope you keep at it and keep honing your craft. As far as recommendations go, I think you should keep up your style of humor but continue experimenting with style, like you did with the 3D portion of this. Try out some more mixed media and keep pushing to make your stuff even more unique than it already is.

Best wishes

Huh? What's this?

That's a like.

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Nick, go to bed.

This is pretty interesting conceptually. I was having fun watching stuff just get whackier and whackier. My biggest complaint here is just that the game part itself could stand to be a little more entertaining, or engaging. It kind of feels like the fun of this really just comes from the corruption gimmick, but if you could couple the hilarity of the bizarre effects of the "corrupted data" along with some really fun gameplay, I think this here would be a masterpiece.

StoneForged responds:

Thanks for the support but to be fair I do state it’s a bad game in the description.

Lovely lil homage. :)

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Honestly hell yeah

Rethable responds:

đŸ’› u đŸ’›

lmao littlbeatbox. Love it :) Fun stuff, and it's cool that you opened up this inktober idea for collabs too, could be some room for interesting stuff in there if more people step up! Keep it up, cd!

Cyberdevil responds:

Yeah I'm thinking it might keep the inspiration flowing too. :) This certainly did. Glad you liked and will do! Btw, I realized I never really elaborated on how I came up with the idea of doing Inktober with audio on the pod, basically: I want to focus more on audio, and I feel like this could be the springboard I need to become more active with this, both good practice and a running start into future projects. I write most of this by hand too, so the ink technicality works. Maybe you read that in the first one though. Idea: not sure where I got that! Though I hope I'm the first to get it. Would be cool to start somethin' here.

why is this tagged "michael-jackson"?

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That bird has seen some shit, I tell ya what

Nah I think it's good

SupakMeraklja responds:

Thanks GoodL

This part was awesome, didn't know you did it. Great job!

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