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Just finished reading all of these, it's pretty beautiful, and I find the setting really intriguing! Excited to see where you're going with this. I really enjoy the sparse use of colour amid the general greyscale, it creates some brilliant contrasts. The use of your acrylic paintings in the backgrounds is a fantastic idea, I'm glad I read all of the descriptions too or I might have missed that! (Nice Poe reference with "Nevermore" by the way.) The line "I wish he would leave me behind, I am only dragging him down" really gets to me, I relate to that way more than I'd like to admit.

Very nicely done over all, like I said, I'm looking forward to seeing where you're taking this. I'm curious about you saying you plan to redo everything though, are you planning a software change or something like that which would justify going over everything again? Because I think it looks really nice, and it's definitely got me hooked. I'd also really love to see a print version of this when it's all done, I think that would be awesome!

Binkskitten333 responds:

Wow thanks! I’m kind of speechless honestly. The truth is, I don’t feel like it’s to the best of my abilities, I want to keep getting better and better. Right now I am using a Wacom intuos pro medium tablet and it disorients me a lot when drawing. I get frustrated and end up moving on. Or else I would spend hours on just one page. I’m saving up for a screen tablet like a cintiq. After I get that and improve my skills using digital medium, I will probably want to redo all the art.

This is my first time using a computer instead of traditional mediums, so I am sure I will improve if I keep practicing.

I’ve been sitting on this story for 6 years and haven’t done anything to it. I hope you’ll stick around and see where it goes :) be patient with me though, I work a lot to make ends meet, so unfortunately I don’t always have the time to post.

Do you have any suggestions? Critiques?

Should I upload a page at a time or keep uploading by episode? My friends say episode so they can read the whole thing at once instead of just page by page.

This one's my favourite of your work, the shading you did here is really cool, and it speaks volumes conceptually. Really well done

"I only get views when there's tits." I actually checked to see, and you're totally right, wonder what that says about the NG community... Anyway you've got some great pieces, really into the dark flavour you've got going on. For this drawing in particular I find the anatomy a bit strange (this lil demons chiropractor has their work cut out for em), but I guess that's probably just to achieve a certain effect. Not so sure that knife would be particularly comfortable to use, given the hard curve backward, but also idk what that knife's being used for and I'm no knife expert regardless. I really like the colour palette you used, and the gradient background looks great.

Also nice use of the heartagram.

TTRVSHH responds:

yea, this is the result of experimenting with some exaggerated poses. I tend to just draw the demon girls for fun and to clear my head, n for some reason drawing curves is just entertaining.

Thanks for the reviews, appreciate your time

Nice, I like the style here, I think the background is especially well done. :) Also you did a good job with the poses, the characters are anything but stiff in a way that really makes this image come to life. Good work!

Excellent illustrations! :) Very good work

Dtwentynine responds:

Thank you. :)

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