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This is truly disgusting.

Love the character design and all the line work. Good stuff!

TheMarooned responds:

Aww dang! thanks bud!

Love it. This would be a sweet album cover :)

The hero we need but don't deserve.

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Exactly! hes like the dark knight of newgrounds!

The perspective in this drawing is sweet

Brilliant, love the reference mix, and the style is lovely. Excellent shading work!

This is great :)

That melty effect going on here is awfully familiar. Wonder where I've seen it before...

Nice work :)

OrangeWedge responds:

HAHA, thanks ;)

Beautiful, I love it :) nice work

OrangeWedge responds:

Thank you very much :)

Nice episode, the t-shit in the first page looks great now, and I can't help but bring up the fact that you're really good at drawing people, I like the style a lot. Sorry to hear your having financial issues, and I wish you the best of luck!

Binkskitten333 responds:

Oh it’s okay. Life happens a lot. I appreciate the praise. I actually can’t draw figures as well as I want. I rely heavily on reference pictures. These are not coming straight from my mind. Especially to get the fabric on their clothes to look authentic. And this is my first time using a tablet to draw. It’s super hard to draw a straight line for me. I get frustrated a lot. But that’s why I am doing this. For practice. Once I get a cintiq tablet, I’ll probably redo everything, make the pages flow better, etc. hopefully develop a style that doesn’t rely so heavily on reference pictures.

This is an awesome start to the episode. It definitely sets a very serious tone for what comes next. I really like what you did with depth here, especially with the background. The way that the slums way in the back are just the shading without outlines makes for a really good effect. I also like how you chose to do the lighting from the city that dissipates into the rest of the image.
As far as constructive criticism goes, I don't have much. I think the proportions on the shirt on the clothesline are kind of strange, it seems to me that the left sleeve is larger than the right, and both are too big. And the only other thing is I think the city could probably benefit from some additional detail.
Great work, excited to see where this is going. :)

Binkskitten333 responds:

Thanks! Actually that helps me out a lot. I was thinking the same thing for the shirt. And I was wondering about more detail but at a loss as to what. I think I’ll work on the other pages for now and come back to this one later. I really appreciate your criticism:)

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