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Jalapeñoposting 2: Spicy Chili-Loo

Posted by GoodL - August 31st, 2020

The chilies in my garden from my previous blog post done growed up. Here they are getting pickled.


Also the NGP Summer Block party was a blast, thanks for coming everyone



Comments (4)

Wow u must have a big garden dude.

Nah it ain't huge, it's just full of nothing but chilies and flowers

Pickling like a pro! :D Cool to see there are others growing their own crops here too, only thing I'd stumbled upon before this: https://wiesi.newgrounds.com/news/post/939919

How spicy are those?

They range from jalapeños to ghost peppers, so - not spicy to true burn. I love spicy food.

Oooh, ghost pepper spicy seems pretty spicy. Not sure I have an internal reference for that but I relate it to some higher tier expressions on Hot Ones. If you've ever watched those.

I do like spice but more so when it really tastes something too. ;)

Yeah, Hot Ones is neat! I've actually had a few sauces that they use on that show a lot. One of the best birthday presents I've ever received was a few years back when my girlfriend bought me several of the hottest sauces they use on that show, including Mad Dog 357 (which is not very viscous and has an instant, full mouth smokey burn), and Blaire's Ultra Death Sauce (which is thicker and has a bit more of a delayed, sharp heat).

I get what ya mean about flavor, but I actually have never really felt that heat takes flavor away personally. Quite the opposite in my opinion! I always say, "if it ain't spicy, it ain't worth eating!"

Nice! Have pretty much watched all their episodes thus far I think, was a pleasant discovery to stumble into, mostly intriguing personalities but always a great interview either way when they add their secret sauce to it. Have a bottle of Blaire's Mega Death Sauce myself, didn't know there was a higher tier than that! Toothpick dips of that stuff can spice up a whole meal for me though... making me really question my heat tolerance here. XD Curious what you'd think of Da Bomb... but maybe you've tried it already?

Interesting. After a certain level of spicy I definitely feel like the hotness numbs out everything else. I think I'd like their own more Caribbean one in lower dosage, but yeah, not on that level. :) Maybe more salty Scandinavian genes.