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Sah, 2019?

Posted by GoodL - January 6th, 2019


Figured I should make a little post welcoming in the new year. 2018 was by far my most active year I've had on Newgrounds since I started coming here in ~2012. I'm pretty proud of my collection of work from last year and I hope to surpass it again this year. A pretty big milestone for me was hitting 100 followers, which I know isn't a lot, but it sure is meaningful for me. FlowDownStream did much better than I ever could have expected, and we're starting Season 2 in February, which I expect to do even better. We've got some wonderful new team members and the first episode is already looking very promising! Most of my creative output for the foreseeable future is going to be FDS-related, but I am currently working on a fun little podcast with @littlbox called "A Couple of Crickets"!

Here's a fun thing that has happened to FlowDownStream recently: I made a frontpage post from the FDS account a few days ago, and within 25 minutes it got its first reaction. Also, for 2 whole days, its only reaction. Sounds like it would be a bit of a bummer, right? But look who the reaction is from:
Tom was also one of the first followers we had on the FDS account, and I can't even begin to describe how amazing that is to me. His support really means more to me than I could ever put to words.

Just a few more things I'd like to say here:
First of all, on January 18th my friend and frequent collaborator Sro (@DoctaBGL) is putting out a new album titled "wot". It's definitely something you're going to want to check out if you like trippy, mind-bending music. He makes most of the music in FlowDownStream and also provided the soundtrack (the only good part, lol) of my first game, Platform Picasso. Definitely worth keeping an eye on. You can follow him on his website, his Twitter, and his Bandcamp.

@littlbox is working on a full feature-length film called "Talentless", which is a massively exciting project. Keep up to date with its production from his website.

And I guess that's all that I really care to write about at the moment. Thanks to everyone here on NG for making this such an awesome community for small artists. Best place on the web, by far. I couldn't be happier to see how well Newgrounds is doing right now, with the flood of new artists and the supporter milestones, not to mention all the great site updates. I can't wait to see it continue growing and improving.

Thanks again.


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Newgrounds is pretty great.