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I'm sad you're not coming to Boise, GoodL! However, if it's because you're going to Seattle to try and get out of the Big Sad, I'm happy for you man.

These funks that we tend to find ourselves in are always a pain in the ass. Life likes to hit us at the worst time and keep pounding us into oblivion. One of the best things I've done to combat that, in my eyes, is to focus on any positive. Even if the positive is something small and insignificant, focusing on the positive, instead of the negative, will always feel better and keep you in brighter spirits. I know it's a very optimistic approach, and can be hard to maintain at times, but having that mindset is healthier then letting the negatives weigh you down, you know? Focusing on one positive thing daily, even if it's a youtube video of guy getting kicked in the nuts, will be more beneficial then letting the negatives dictate your day. Kinda my two cents to fight the Big Sad :)

I hope your new adventure in Seattle is very beneficial GoodL. We all deserve happiness my friend, I hope you find it there! Whenever you're in Boise, YOU BETTER HIT ME UP DAMMIT! :D

Ayy I appreciate the encouragement and the support. I guess in a sense I'm hesitant to even try to be optimistic in the face of negativity because I worry that being let down will be worse then, if that makes sense. But I do think you're right in a way too, because obviously just moping ain't doin me much good.

Thanks for the well-wishes and I'll get a chance to catch up with you irl eventually, I swear on me mum's.

Hey man, I usually don't have the best words for things like sadness. In a personal perspective I have been through some low lows in my life, moving away from places that don't serve you and/or drain your energy is a really good start. Close friends are even better. I know we only chat every so often but I am around if you want to vent or just shoot the shit and not have to think of the sad stuff. Hopefully you get to where you need to be sooner than later mentally. Take it easy man.

Thank you so much, and I totally relate. I'm often totally at a loss for meaningful words when people come to me with hardships, so I really don't blame you. I appreciate the extended hand and I'd definitely love to keep in touch. Hopefully you'll understand if I'm really preoccupied over the next few weeks tho.

If your toes were in my eyesight right now they would be thoroughly sucked on and wet! I really really hope you can adjust, and maybe that friend your gonna move in with could help monitor your sleep and eating so you don't devolve into an aimless amoeba, jelly-type critter, or grandma-esc person. It pains my puffy purple robo-heart to see this bearded darling in such distress, I would give anything to give you big smelly hugs (In which I air out my greasy pits). hang in there fella! I really want to see you succeed and find a life plentiful with commendable creams, and lacking in sloppy sludge. Much love from the sewers!

This POST smells like STINKY and it fills my little broken heart with joy. Thank you, you little stuffed stuffling. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers to the Slime God. I'd like to think that amoeba is my true form tho, and I shall soon embrace it.

Sounds like some first world problems to me. But there's a reason I don't discuss my troubles, they are somewhere like... uh... sixth-world-tier. Still, it's good that you have a plan & are at least trying and able to do something about the situation.

Thanks for actually being the one to tell me to shut up, as I deserve. Not being sarcastic at all either, you're absolutely right that my so-called suffering is still bougie as hell, and I'd do well to keep that in mind. Sixth-world tho? That's Saturn and that means you're in SPACE baby.

Take care of yourself man, hope shit starts getting better soon

@GoodL no problem, get yourself settled and we can catch up later on. Take care man

@GoodL Naw, i'm like six levels in the ground in brokeness, troubles, and oofs. x.x
But yeah bruh, uh... keep hangin on. lol

well shit, hope things are getting better for you

ay thanks. unfortunately not really, everything sucks bad these days lol. hope life's treating ya well, miss ya