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Ur invincible I guess

your not allowed to leave idaho, death wont let you

Glad you're feeling better. I try not to think about it too much, because if one is stressed out then the chances of getting sick are risen and I already have health conditions as it is. I have had a heart attack in the past and have a bruised lung.

I'm thankful you're here. Thank you for the things you have given us in your absence. You and your works are greatly appreciated here.

Thank you, that means a lot to me. I agree with ya, stress absolutely weakens your immune system, the fight definitely begins in your mind. Stay safe!

Happy to hear you've recovered! Hopefully you won't feel any long-term effects, that is something that scares me a lot, like having brain fog.

In Chucan Fall, I'm noticing that my player passes through all the objects. I can collect the first example coin but after that I pass through all the coins. I collected enough sample coins to get the vacuum but that didn't make a difference. I'm playing it in Edge (Chromium) in Win 10... Anyone else here experiencing this? I tried refreshing the page, too.

Well... So much for bug-free! It sounds like collisions are being disabled on any instance created after the first ones, but I can't imagine why that would happen, and I wasn't able to reproduce the issue - works fine for me in Edge on Win10. Did you happen to check the console to see if it was throwing any errors? I'll spend some time seeing what I can do, but I haven't been able to find anyone in the Construct forums who has had the same issue and I don't see why that would be happening with the way the game is scripted so I'll admit, I'm a bit stumped.

As for long-term effects, that worry is definitely bouncing around in my mind, but at this point it's an "I'll Cross that Bridge When I Get to It" issue. The first thing my mother (who is a medical courier) said when I called to tell her was: "There are patients coming in now who had the virus back in June and July who are having all kinds of problems now, especially with their lungs." Thanks for the reassurance, mom.

I skipped the first platform where it says "land here" and that caused others (both coins and platforms) to not work - I figure it's how it's intended but it might be related to what Tom said earlier, I don't know.

Also, good job staying alive!

Yeh he PM'd me later and said he didn't read the instructions woops lmao. I was relieved though. At least it wasn't a bug, just bad game design!

Glad you're still kickin' man!